What are the courses that could help me to be a performing individual and achieve team effectiveness?

The courses you can find here encompasses mindset changing to skills and knowledge enhancement. The courses you select will depend on your job requirement and your goals.

For example, you work very well as an individual, but you seem to have conflicts with your colleague when it comes to group project. Understand each other’s personalities, and decide which manners will communicate with your colleague best. These skills are equipped in the program titled Effective Communication Skills at workplace.    

Here are some courses to becoming high performing individuals and achieving team effectiveness:


Creativity, Innovation & Productivity

  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving using Lego
  • BrainPower: Whole Brain Creativity and Innovation
  • Emotional Makeover: Trapped Emotion Release Techniques
  • Eating an Elephant - Time Management
  • Managing Stress with Colour Therapy
  • Cost Reduction Without People Reduction
  • Excellence Mindset In Achieving Success Using NLP


Communication & Interpersonal Development

  • Connecting with Anyone, Anywhere!
  • Dealing with Difficult People Effectively using NLP
  • Effective Business Writing Skills
  • Elevating EI (Emotional Intelligence) in Workplace
  • Outstanding Presentation Skills
  • Think on Your Feet Using NLP
  • Managing Stress with Colour Therapy


Motivation & Attitude

  • Connect! Effectively Building Instant Rapport With NLP
  • Changing Mindsets For High Performance
  • Attitude Can Affect Performance
  • I Am EmpoweredMind Transformation: Inspire Team to Embrace Change
  • Positive Work Attitude: The Power to Peak Performance
  • Achieving Dreams with Mind Power


Wealth Management

  • Business Way To Freedom: How To Build Your Business & Niche
  • Finance and Investment
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Money Makeover: From Debt to Wealth
  • Rich Staff, Poor Staff


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