Why There Are So Many Pumps In The Market?

Our market is filled with a plethora of pump types and designs, where each come with different diameter and serves different functions. As a project owner, how do you decide which type of pumps are needed to fulfil your operational requirements?

Here are some important factors a project owner has to pay attention when selecting a suitable pump:

a. Selection based on rated conditions as per data sheet.
b. Suction specific less that 11,000
c. BEP should between the rated point and the normal operating point
d. Do not select a pump with maximum diameter impeller
e. The head/ capacity characteristic-curve should continuously rise to shut-off

Interested to find out more? We are planning a session of TUV/ IICS 2.5 Pump Practitioner on 22 - 26 March where you get to understand your pump better and properly maintain them in day-to-day operation!

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