API 936 Class Confirmed
Catalytic Heat. Chemical Attack. Molten Metal Physical Impact. Thermal Shock. Slag Erosion

Today, facility operators considers refractory issues to be extremely important and impactful on the run time of refining and chemical processing units.

Refractories would cause down time, loss of production, property damage, and safety concerns if they are improperly manufactured, stored, installed, cured, or dried. The need for refractory personnel to be properly trained is much more important now.
As a result, American Petroleum Institute (API) initiated API 936 Refractory Quality Control Personnel Program to provides industry-accepted credentials on installation, inspection, testing and repair of refractory linings.
Prepare yourself to be a Certified API 936 Inspector!
Anthony Benson , the Refractory Specialist who is managing his own company as a Freelance Civil Engineering Project Manager is coming to Malaysia on 23-26 October 2017 sharing his hands-on relevant knowledge of the applications, procedures, and processes relating to the uses and installation of refractory materials.

We hope you would benefit from it!

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