At IDC, we understand the importance of skilled writing as many operational decisions and future plannings are made based on the engineers' report.

Too often, technical writing can be difficult to understand due to the heavy use of terminologies, graphs, or charts making the report incomprehensible to all but expert readers.

The secret to a good technical report is in the ability to describe complex technical circumstances and ideas in a clear and rational manner so that both expert and non-expert audiences can understand and benefit from the writing.


Join us for our IICS 6.1 Inspection Analysis and Technical Report Writing on 19-21 August 2019 to enhance yourself to better convey your messages through writing.

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Key Topics Include:
  1. Simplifying the message and improving readability.
  2. Presenting data (numbers, charts, and graphs) in a clear manner.
  3. Planning techniques.
  4. Reporting layout and structure.

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