NEW COURSE Launching from IDC Training House!!

When it comes to production continuation and asset or process safety, RISK has been a sensitive and "trouble-making" term to many engineers and inspectors.

Although it is common for plants to develop a set of risk assessment and response system, it still requires engineers to understand the safety reports and quantifying all potential risks to produce a comprehensive and well-rounded emergency plan.

As such, IDC is launching a new course titled "TUV/ IICS 2.8 Quantitative Risk Analysis" on 23 - 28 September 2019, where participants can gain comprehensive understanding and assessment on risks so that combining with their safety systems, plants can be prepared and response better to any potential situation.

So, join us as we cover the basic understanding of risk and uncertainly, as well as helping you to improve your decision-making process through basic Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) approach!

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