1. How confident are you on your composite repair systems?
  2. How certain are you that the composite repairs & installations by repairer are of quality?
In the aspect of plant operation where continuity is the key, composite repairs have been a common practice in providing a repair alternative to unexpected facility and piping damages in the attempt to avoid time-consuming shutdowns.

Despite being a "temporary fix", there is a need for composite repair to be done and inspected professionally, so that the repaired systems could perform according to engineers' desired conditions while meeting the requirements set by safety authorities.

But here's the catch:

How can you make sure the composite repair works are performed according to standards & meeting safety requirements set by the authority?

Understanding the challenges to properly validate and inspect composite repair systems throughout the repair process, IDC is launching a new certification course TUV/ IICS 2.9 Certified Composite Repair System (CRS) Inspector on 13 - 16 August 2019 to assist fellow engineers in developing knowledge for successful usage of composite repair system in damage handling.
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