Why Quantitative Risk Assessment needed?

What is Quantitative Risk Analysis?
Quantitative Risk Analysis can coordinate with human reliability analysis to assess the probability of human failure by evaluating the implicit factors in human performance.

Why Quantitative Risk Analysis Needed?
Better overall project risk analysis, better business decisions and better estimates.

When is Quantitative Risk Analysis being used?

  • Projects that require Contingency Reserve for schedule and budget
  • Large and Complex projects that require "Go/ No Go" decisions
  • Projects where upper management wants more details about the probability of completing the project on schedule and within the budget

Regconizing the need for QRA in the market, IDC Training House is introducing a new course TUV/ IICS 2.8 Quantitative Risk Analysis for engineers who are involving in the respective job responsibilities. 

From this training you will learn:
  • How to model the consequences
  • How to conduct FTA analysis
  • How practice the principles and techniques
  • How to make use of QRA for better decision making

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